Sorry, Your HMO Doesn’t Cover The Pacifier

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Scientists persist in their attempts to prove the title of Readers Digest joke section is accurate.

In a test, researchers at University of Maryland found volunteers’ blood vessels could expand more after viewing a comedy scene. Of course, in such research you need a control film. Theirs was the blood-soaked and limb-strewn storming the beaches scene that opens Saving Private Ryan, which actually reduced blood flow. The researchers are looking at how comedy can help your health, but I’ve decided that all they’ve proved is that Steven Spielberg is trying to kill us all.

Actually, what I’ve always wondered is if we get the same benefits from dark comedies? Do we need the escape from our pain or do we need a comedy that makes light of death and pain? Are all jokes equal healthwise? (Note: If I just gave you an idea for your doctoral dissertation, I expect something in return. A small lab animal on which I can clone spare parts perhaps.)

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