Sodom and Gomorrah Burns Down. Super Deluxe Launches.

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Over the holidays, I dropped by the Super Deluxe offices (also home to Adult Swim) and checked out what they’ve been working on. I’ve been skeptical about a great deal of broadband comedy, but from what I saw these guys get it. I don’t know if their bosses at Turner are happy with how they’re spending their money, but I am.

They just launched today. Here’s what they’re starting with: the first episode of “Professor Brothers” which tells the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, the latter being a place “named after an even weirder move.” It’s by an Austin cartoonist named Brad Neely.

You should check out Brad’s other show “Babycakes” as well. Right now.

And any of you Wonder Showzen fans might want to follow the “more” link, because there’s something there called “Y’all So Stupid” which will probably make the rest of the day seem unstable and fragile.

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