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On plane to Denver, meet an independent casting director who works with Comedy Central. She recognizes me because, as it turns out, we live in the same building. Just had to fly to Aspen to actually network.

Flying into Aspen am seated across from a woman from the ACLU who is coming to the festival to learn how they can use comedy more in their messaging. ACLU, fighting for our rights through the funny.

On shuttle to hotel, my friendly driver Keith shares with me that I should really check out “these guys I drove in yesterday - The Whitest Kids U Know.” Buzz officially begins.

Couldn’t sleep on plane due to “unexpected turbulence” both fluid dynamically and screaming child, so blow off two Short programs - sorry filmmakers - for a three hour nap at my very nice hotel, The Aspen Meadows.

Am actively encouraged to drink bottled water at every turn - free bottles in hotel room, press room and I imagine, handed out on the street. The effects of mountain air give convenient excuse for any kind of affliction…

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