Lewis Black wins the Grammy for Best Comedy Album

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Besting the likes of George Carlin and Weird Al, Lewis Black took home the Grammy for his album, “The Carnegie Hall Performance.” I have to admit that I am a little surprised by this one - not because of Lewis Black’s album but because Weird Al had a top ten single and Ron White‘s on the ballot twice (once for himself, once for Blue Collar Comedy Tour). The latter one is sort of victory in itself and I actually thought it might give him a surprise win, considering he’s the one Blue Collar Comic that’s liked even by their detractors.

Of course, in a year where the Dixie Chicks win all five awards they were up for, it makes sense that a comedian who equally outspoken about the failures of the Bush administration would win. It’s also a big victory for Comedy Central Records because “The Carnegie Hall Performance” is the first album on the label to earn a Grammy. Big congrats to Comedy Central Records Jack Vaughn - who’s pretty much the architect of the whole shebang over there. (Also deserving of applause is Stand-Up Records Dan Schlissel - who produced the album.)

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Posted by sports bettor on 02/13  at  10:07 AM

I really thought the Grammy would go to Weird Al. IMO, politics overweighted funny this year.

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