Late Night with Joe Garden. Has a Nice Ring to it.

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The race to be the heir apparent to the heir apparent for the Tonight Show starts now. Onion writer Joe Garden has started a campaign to take over for Conan O’Brien on Late Night when the Harvard grad heads to the Tonight Show in 2009. Not many details are forthcoming yet, but Joe is offering a clearing house for old monologue jokes, with prices that appropriately show how beaten targets like OJ, Michael Jackson and the Dell Guy are. He promises a blog that previews his 2009 monologue and a future theme song.

The Sound of Young America radio show had a recent podcast with an interview with the would-be successor, where Joe vocalizes how he intends to kickstart the “brand of Joe Garden.” Despite nude photos of himself on the Onion site and a predilection to licking co-workers like a cat for 30 minutes, his writing background may well shine past such moral failures. But check and decide for yourself.

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