Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere Goes Nowhere Except Online

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Comedy Central didn’t pick up the pilot Kyle Kinane made this summer, so he threw up on the web for you to see. It’s Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere - a comedic travelogue that’s reminiscent of Dave Attell’s Insomniac, not just because of its attaction to life’s oddballs but because Kinane also likes to leave in the mistakes, reveling in pointing out the artifice of television. In the pilot, Kyle goes to San Francisco and meets up with a dominatrix, a big foot hunter and a wizard with a familiar with little respect for recently dry-cleaned robes.

As for why it didn’t get picked up. Part of me thinks that Kyle’s regular gig as Comedy Central’s voice worked against him here. He provides his own narration here and it’s pitch perfect. Though Comedy Central can be pretty lose, I have to imagine that they’d want to keep that voice as neutral as possible. Maybe it was a little hard to see how they could promote a new Jeff Dunham special with a voice heard discussing the subtleties of handkerchief code?

It’s definitely fun stuff and worth twenty minutes of your time, even if you don’t learn nuthin’.

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