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Though they aren't pranksters with a point, the creators of Improv Everywhere have some inventive shenanigans that keep their victims from being, um, victims. I'm a little sick of stunts pulled just to annoy people... unless you have good targets (like the fashionistas and homophobes selected by "Bruno" on Da Ali G Show) the person who comes off as a dick is the joker himself. The most recent Improv Everyone joke, featuring a restroom attendant at a Times Square McDonald's, is a great example of pure entertainment that doesn't make anyone undeserving look like an idiot. Check it out.

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Posted by Jump Jump on 02/25  at  10:46 AM

I think this is kind of UCB pranks lite.  These guys are sort of hangers on of that scene, so I don’t know…kind of self promotional and cheesy?

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 03/03  at  12:42 PM

I think all websites are self promotional by nature. So not really a reason to damn somebody. I also don’t think it’s bad to be a hanger-on in the UCB scene, considering it’s so influential, you could type anyone who does improv in New York as a “hanger-on.” It’s definitely a “lite” version of pranks, but that’s what I enjoyed about it. Hard pranking is so common now and some of it seems unnecessarily harsh. I just like this as a reaction against that.

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