Graham Chapman’s Eulogy

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From Mike Gerber and Jon Schwarz, a link to a video of the eulogy for Graham Chapman as delivered by John Cleese.Years ago I remember all of Monty Python acting similarly at a retrospective at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. It’s nice to see that they maintained the same complete lack of decorum at the actual funeral. Good stuff.

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Posted by Katy Skinner on 11/10  at  06:20 PM

I remember when Graham Chapman died.  I was a Junior in high school.  I think I wore a black arm band that day.  But no one understood why.  :)

—Katy S.

Posted by Riana C on 05/18  at  09:12 PM

Is it possible to find the entire eulogy anywhere? The YouTube version is about half of the real thing.

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