Gallagher Busts Heads! Raise Your Sheets!

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Gallagher is pissed. He’s disappointed that in Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time, he was only 100. And in this interview with the Oregonian, he proceeds to trash all the names above him (well, those he recognizes… he claims to have never heard of most of them). Letterman only has three jokes. Robin Williams jokes are only “C-level.” Jim Carrey was just embarrassing.

Why Gallagher’s angry about a program that was essentially just another variation of snarky commentators on pop culture artifacts is beyond me. He says New York and Los Angeles doesn’t get him… but he certainly doesn’t get NYC or LA if he takes meaningless programming like this seriously. Judging by the invitation on his site for visitors to claim he wuz robbed (bottom of the page on the right), he’s pretty serious.

Or maybe he’s just deluded and bitter. He’s actually mystified why Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton, who were “horrible” comedians, have film careers and he doesn’t. First, they’re different skill sets. Second, it’s hard to built a movie around “hey, look at this funny looking thing.” Third: Gallagher. In a movie. Brain. Hurts.

Could someone please greenlight “Attack of the Killer Watermelons”?

(Thanks to Mike Sacks for the link)

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Posted by Gumphood on 01/21  at  03:28 PM

I remember the first time I saw Gallagher on TV, I thought…he finishes with the Fruit…but thats not even funny…its kinda gross.  I think Blue Man Group is more clever, and they don’t say anything.

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