Gallagher, #1 Asshat

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Gallagher can't stand that he was only #100 in Comedy Central's "100 Greatest Comedians" list. So he rallied his fans in an ineffectual gesture against his ranking in the who-gives-a-shit list. He had them rank all the comics in the list on "Funny", "Original/Ad Lib" and "Performance" and not only did he top the chart on his own site, he topped every one of those categories as well. Above Carlin and Pryor!

Louis CK (#99 in the CC list), who Gallagher ranted against because he's never heard of him (which could be a sign of why he's at the bottom), is now #100. Louis CK, states on his message board that though he's "not proud to be at the bottom of (Comedy Central's) list", he is "proud to say I came in dead last" on Gallagher's.

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