Flight of Conchords Season 2 Premiere Up Now

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HBO’s given the second season premiere to Funny or Die to share for free a month early. I had actually forgotten where we had left the boys, so I was glad for the reminder at the beginning. Murray’s a successful manager of the The Crazy Dogggz and the Conchords are his second most important clients - i.e. not important at all.

I know the show is meant to be a bit more episodic, but I was actually a little bummed to see everything returned back the way it was. Not that there isn’t a lot to do with the regular situation of Bret and Jermaine being managed by an equally unsuccessful Murray, but having a successful music group to pay against might have made for some fun storylines. Particularly with Mel, who changed her allegiances (right? the burning of the merchandise played to me like jilted Dogggz fan rather than loyal Conchord booster). It probably be a little difficult to have Todd and Demetri for those episodes anyway.

But that’s the balance of something like this - the fun isn’t necessary in plotlines - it’s in letting the little world get broken and fixing it again every week. It even become part of the joke, with references to Bret leaving the band every week. You have to pick your playground.

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