Aspen Update including Colbert, Edwards and Olde English

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More announcements about next month’s US Comedy Arts Festival. Here’s some more of the upcoming programming:

  • Stephen Colbert, in an event that’s sure to be featured in “Who’s Honoring Me Now” segment on the Colbert Report, will receive the 2007 Person of the Year Award. Colbert: “I am humbled to be part of the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival’s tireless efforts to bring joy to the wealthy.”
  • Blake Edwards will get a Filmmaker Tribute for his body of work which include The Party, S.O.B. and multiple Pink Panther films.
  • Hosts have been announced for the previous nebulous roundtable Gaggle. They include Marc Maron and Time’s Ana Marie Cox. Wasn’t too interested in this before, but Marc Maron always a fascinating performer to watch.
  • Supposedly the film program will be partly programmed by the online audience, who can both submit content and rate it. All that will take place at, but so far it seems pretty much a placeholder. More to come I’m sure.

Also part of the festival will be the NYC based sketch group Olde English, who are also part of my new favorite obsession Super Deluxe. They are contracted to create a lot of installments for the website (trust me, it’s a lot), the first is the sure-to-be-viral “Writers of Lost” (featured below), which is probably more accurate than fans would like to admit.

They’re also a San Francisco this week for the Sketchfest performing a show that they wrote on the cross country van trip from NYC to the event. They’ll also perform the same show in NYC when they get back. Get all the details of when and where from this post on their blog.

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