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Comedy communities are a huge hole on the web and I feel are vastly underserved. So I was very pleased to discover that MySpace has added MySpace Comedy (which seems to have been soft-launched sometime around early April). It’s pretty impressive - particularly using the same technology used in the music space to help find comics performing near you. Not such a big deal in NYC, but in other areas, it could be a great boon to find shows (like from where I grew up in Georgia). Before, some comics would set their profiles as MySpace Music profiles, which I suppose maybe helped them take advantage of some of the special features available to artists, but obviously, having something directly tailored to you is far better.

The comic profiles are pretty impressive in the amount of genres you can mark yourself as - though it has some bizarre overlap - is there any difference between “blue” and “explicit/raw”? Granted I can see some subtle shadings between “redneck/country” and “blue collar”, but are people really going to parse their comedy search that much?

Comics convert their profiles to comedians page by logging in regular and following this link.


I’ve heard rumors that when you do this, you lose any special html you used to build your page. But c’mon, did your page really need to look like a 14-year-old’s bedroom?

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Posted by Nate on 05/04  at  05:56 PM

I searched MySpace for Prop Comedy and got 0 results. Lame.

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 05/04  at  07:55 PM

Well, it is relatively new… so give it time.

But who would admit to being a prop comic anyway?

Posted by Rob on 05/04  at  08:57 PM

I’m a guitar comic.  I want to keep my sound clips… hmm, wonder if it’s worth changing my profile.

Posted by drtaintsniffer on 05/08  at  08:55 PM

I love carrot top.
He makes my mudflaps sizzle.

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