Category: Satire

Jon Stewart’s Refined Talk or “You Slam Tucker Carlson Once…”

Stewart's good to neo-cons guest and there's no reason to expect him not to be, if you actually watch the show. Read More

Yes Jon Can.

Reporters asking if comedy can survive Obama don't realize the joke has been on them all along. Read More

Katt Williams on a Black President, as Murphy, Chappelle, Pryor before him.

There's a pretty big tradition of talking about what a Black President might be like in the African-American comedy community. Read More

Sarah SIlverman Encourages Young Jews to Make “The Great Schlep”

The comedian proves there's a way to make political speech without losing your comedic voice. Read More

SNL’s “Incest Joke”: The Bridge to Exaggeration is Nowhere

You know how the world has gotten so exaggerated, the truth is hard to make funny? Here's Exhibit A. Read More

Doug Stanhope on Sarah Palin

Late night comics are treading carefully on Sarah Palin, but not former candidate for President Doug Stanhope. Read More

My Wall Street Journal

Murdoch and News Corp House Style gets sent up in this parody as travesty. Read More
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