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Preview: Joe Rogan’s “Shiny Happy Jihad”

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Joe Rogan's Shiny Happy JihadWith all the recent news of Joe Rogan confronting stand-ups who steal, many who didn’t know he was a stand-up are going to wonder what his bonafides are. They don’t have to wait long. His new album from Comedy Central Records, Shiny Happy Jihad comes out next Tuesday. This track has Rogan wondering about the motivations for people to blow themselves up and segues into how disturbing guys can be. You may notice a similar theme connecting the two.

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Out Now: Tom Shillue’s “Overconfident”

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Tom Shillue's album OverconfidentI’ve enjoyed Tom Shillue’s stand-up for a long time. One of the finest comics working the NY clubs today, Tom is casually himself on stage in a time when screaming and over-gesticulating seems to hold sway. He’s funny without frantic force, a tone mastered by folks like Newhart and Cosby. His first CD “Overconfident” was just released today. Here’s one of my favorite tracks from the album, where Tom finds Philadelphia’s ad campaign to entice lovers to visit the city to be a little disturbing. And possibly unpatriotic.

It’s not currently on sale at Amazon, but you can get it on iTunes or, if you prefer a physical copy with photos of Tom cavorting with Jen Dziura and Molly Crabapple, you can go to Tom’s Online Store.

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Lewis Black wins the Grammy for Best Comedy Album

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Besting the likes of George Carlin and Weird Al, Lewis Black took home the Grammy for his album, “The Carnegie Hall Performance.” I have to admit that I am a little surprised by this one - not because of Lewis Black’s album but because Weird Al had a top ten single and Ron White‘s on the ballot twice (once for himself, once for Blue Collar Comedy Tour). The latter one is sort of victory in itself and I actually thought it might give him a surprise win, considering he’s the one Blue Collar Comic that’s liked even by their detractors.

Of course, in a year where the Dixie Chicks win all five awards they were up for, it makes sense that a comedian who equally outspoken about the failures of the Bush administration would win. It’s also a big victory for Comedy Central Records because “The Carnegie Hall Performance” is the first album on the label to earn a Grammy. Big congrats to Comedy Central Records Jack Vaughn - who’s pretty much the architect of the whole shebang over there. (Also deserving of applause is Stand-Up Records Dan Schlissel - who produced the album.)

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A Preview of Christian Finnegan’s “Two for Flinching”

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The cover art to Christian Finnegan's Two for FlinchingLike Greg Giraldo, tomorrow Christian Finnegan will also be celebrating his first comedy album release with Two for Flinching. In this track entitled “TPM” Christian shares what the future of computers might be in the wake of rampant internet pornography. It also features the second of two great font jokes as part of his DC Improv performance. (Fun fact: stand-up Todd Levin named Christian Finnegan’s CD beating out titles such as “Straight Outta Drama Club” and “Christina Finnefag’s Revenge”)

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A Preview of Greg Giraldo’s “Good Day to Cross a River”

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The cover art to Greg Giraldo's Good Day to Cross a RiverHere’s a track from the first comedy album by Greg Giraldo entitled Good Day to Cross a River. This clip involves America and its eating habits and it’s one of my favorites ever since I first saw Giraldo perform it as part of the Insomniac Tour. The CD will be released tomorrow, October 24.

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A Preview of Demetri Martin’s CD “These Are Jokes”

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The cover art to Demetri Martin's CD, These Are JokesHere’s an exclusive track from the upcoming CD by Demetri Martin entitled These Are Jokes. The album was recorded earlier this year at Chicago’s Lakeshore Theater and will be released on September 26.

This clip features Will Forte joining in with Demetri for “The Personal Information Waltz.” It plays with idea of callbacks in a very surprising way. Enjoy.

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Morbid Obscenity - A Benefit from Comics who Don’t Care

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The Unbookable's CD Morbid ObscenityDoug Stanhope has begun a serious campaign to be elected President in 2008. If you’d like to see how Doug would handle the millions of people who find themselves without health insurance, you may want to check out Morbid Obscenity - a benefit CD for one self-admitted fat son-of-a-bitch.

The fat son-of-a-bitch, Mr. Hinty, finally decided that the gastric bypass surgery his doctor had been recommending was now an absolute necessity. So much so that he was willing to take out a loan to pay for the $25,000 operation that his employer’s health insurance will not cover (after covering it at some point - the bastards). Once Doug Stanhope heard his friend might even sell his house to pay for the operation, he promised to help.

Hinty later discovered that Doug Stanhope had attached himself and Lynn Shawcroft to a previously planned gig for Sean Rouse and Andy Andrist at The Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton, Wisconsin. The idea: record the show and release it as a CD for $20 a pop, with the help of Stand-Up Records. They have to sell 1,500 to cover the full cost of the operation. It’s also the first release of a loose group of comics called The Unbookables (which also includes Neil Hamburger). Doug Stanhope conceived the group as a way of unifiying comics he felt went unnoticed due to a lack of marketability - “Fuck-ups, in short” as the Unbookables myspace page describes them.

As of the end of July, they’d made $7,000. Enough for Hinty to take out a loan for the rest and set a date for the operation, which just happened this past Tuesday. There’s been no update on his condition, but let’s take no news as good news. But there’s a definite call to sell more CDs to cover the rest of the operation, with the promise of a bonus CD of collected audio filth that sounds like the aural equivalent to Concrete TV if you order by midnight (central time) tomorrow. All the Unbookables CDs are autographed by all the performers.

There are MP3s from the show on the Morbid Obscenity site as well, if you need a little bit more inducement besides helping defray someone’s medcal costs. The one from Andy Andrist fits the occassion quite nicely, castigating a Wisconsin audience to lay off the cheese, “you fat fucks.” You can buy Morbid Obscenity here.

Update: Hinty out of surgery and gives a pretty graphic account of the days afterward. He’s home and resting and certain he did the right thing.

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