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“Smoking” Good Trailer

“Thank You For Smoking” was a rare laugh-out-loud novel. The trailer for the film adaptation shows it might be a fantastic indie satire as well. Read More

Interview with Tanner Colby, Co-Author of “Belushi”

Tanner Colby, co-author of Belushi, shares how his book captures all three lives of the SNL great. Read More

David Cross Responds to Larry the Cable Guy’s Comments in “Git-R-Done” (And so do I)

Larry the Cable Guy's book takes Cross to task for slamming the comic and his fans. Cross just responded. Read More

Take My Messiah, Please

A conference is attempting an academic feat that, to some, is akin to trying to prove pi repeats. They’re trying to show that the Bible’s pretty funny, actually. To me, this actually makes… Read More

An Auteur Theory Of Funny

Humorist and Author of the Harry Potter parody “Barry Trotter” Mike Gerber makes an interesting case for the singular voice of a humorist without interference from an editor. One statement… Read More

Fractured Update

Big Ups to Sacha, Ite?Great (and apparently rare) interview with Ali G alter-ego Sacha Cohen (or rather, vice versa… or not) in the New York Times today. Particularly interesting is the… Read More

Mohr Gasping…

Those seeking the ultimate skeletons-in-the-closet tell-all about SNL will be a little disappointed with Gasping for Airtime. The book does have some candid details about some cast members and… Read More
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