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Sarah Silverman’s VMA Joke: The Pause that Releases

Sometimes you're not judged by how you told the joke, but how someone else tells your joke. And in that case, a pause can make all the difference. Read More

Golden ’70s Era of National Lampoon in Chicago

A reader recaps a show featuring the increasingly rare bill of three Lampoon greats - Anne Beatts, Chris Miller and Brian McConnachie. Read More

Joke Stealing? Stop Snitching.

The Comedy by the Numbers Professors have a message for all those hater comics out there. Read More

Almost Doesn’t Count in Pranking

Why didn't you hear about a hidden message during the Super Bowl halftime show? Read More

Steve Martin Memoir Forthcoming, “Born Standing Up”

Steven Martin’s telling the tale of his stand-up days. What could we expect from the pre-comedy boom chronicle. Read More

Comedy, According to Cleese

John Cleese announced his attention to school the next generation of humorists. What would be part of the Cleese curriculum? Read More

Interview: Humorist/Journalist Peter Hyman

A conversation on Mitch Hedberg, comedy clubs and stand-up comedy as a lonely existence. Read More
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