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Bill Maher’s Religulous: Blunter Than Borat?

The trailer gives a little indication of how Maher's blunter style might mesh with the slow roll Borat director Larry Charles Read More

Adam Sandler Needs an Act for Judd Apatow’s Film on Stand-Ups

Judd Apatow's next film will be a comedy-drama about stand-ups staring Adam Sandler. How will Sandler prep for the role? Read More

Hey, What’s Zach Galifianakis Been Up To Lately?

A book deal, a quirky film and confusing young co-eds. Read More

Rooftop Brings Back Aspen

The ski town and comedy are tied together once again by the broadband comedy site. Read More

Clapter Stealing: Bill Hicks vs. Bill Maher

A side comment about a documentary as conspiracy theory, elicits a charge that's a little shy of joke stealing. Read More

Tragedy is a close-up; Comedy, also, sometimes, a close-up?

Buster Keaton's maxim about directing comedy, does it still apply today? Read More

Filming Bruno: The Audience is What Makes It Funny

The antics of Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno depend on reactions. Thank God for local news media. Read More
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