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Fred Armisen Makes Me Wish the Strike Was Over…

Another video from studio exec Roger Trevanti. Read More

One Step Closer to Idiocracy: Brawndo to be a Real Drink.

The much mistreated Mike Judge film “Idiocracy” is actually getting a licensed product - the energy drink Brawndo. Thanks to 20th Century Fox’s stupidity about releasing the film,… Read More

Preview: Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project

A look at the documentary airing on HBO, featuring an exclusive clip and one that's a little sloppy seconds. Read More

Interview: Michael Ian Black, Jack of All Trades Comedian

Michael Ian Black talks about his stand-up in contrast to his years as a performer at alternative show “Eating It”, the upcoming movie he scripted entitled Run Fatboy Run and the ubiquity of cell… Read More

Upcoming Book: Borat Touristic Guidings to U.S. and A. and Kazakhstan

It’s been a year since the film. Will the book live up to the explosive humor of the source, or has the quotability of the film driven all the humor out of the character? Read More

Albert Brooks Famous School for Comedians

After yesterday Stop Snitching Post, I happen to find some other comedy about comedy lying around the web. Read More

Walk Hard: Movie Trailers as Joke Setups

There's two different trailers. Do they promise two different movies? Read More
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