Category: Movies

Doug Benson’s “I Love Movies”

With a theme song from Hard 'n Phirm, the web column goes to video courtesy of Super Deluxe Read More

Trailer: Mike Meyer’s “Love Guru”

Mike Myers workshopped his Guru Pitka character in theaters before the film. Does that show in the trailer? Read More

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Red Band Trailer

Does the next Judd Apatow production look promising or are you feeling burnout from the man-child seeks love genre? Read More

“Baby Mama” Trailer

Tina Fey didn't write it, but she's got pretty good taste, right? Read More

Interview: David Wain, Director “The Ten”

I talked with Wain about “The Ten” and interconnected sketches, absurdity and the classic comedy “Airplane.” Read More

Teaser for Doug Benson’s “Super High Me”

The comic's chronicle of 30 days on and off weed might be great if it's a bit more than a goof. Read More

Semi-Pro Tour Has Some Real Pro Stand-Ups

A stand-up tour featuring some current greats has me more excited than the movie. Read More
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