Category: Late Night

Review: Stephen Colbert’s “I Am America (And So Can You!)”

It's not the best introduction to the character Stephen Colbert, but for the members of the Colbert Nation, it's close to perfect. Read More

How Much News is in the Daily Show’s Fake News?

In a strained meal metaphor, which is the Daily Show - the entreé, the dessert or something else entirely. Read More

Letterman Baseball Joke in Play

Huffington Post's Eat the Press takes Letterman to task for a joke about baseball the day Cody Lidle crashed their plane. Here's why they're wrong. Read More

Rob Corddry Hates You

The nearly 200 groups Rob Corddry hated in his recent Daily Show report “Racist Like Me.” Read More

“Daily Show”, Jon Stewart Still Funny

And neither are keeping any brilliant minds from going into politics. Read More

Cheney Season Still Open

A heart attack doesn't have to stop jokes about the Vice President shooting another man, just look at the Daily Show. Read More

Colbert and Stewart: Just Jerking Off?

Applause is masturbation. Except somebody else is using their hands to do it. Read More
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