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Don’t Blame the Messenger. Blame the Guy Who Makes Fun of the Messenger

A University of Michigan study has linked voter apathy to late night TV. The report links lack of voting with viewership of Letterman, Leno, etc. There’s also the corollary that watching… Read More

Hey Craig, Would Lizz Blow You Now?

Late night underwent a sudden shift last week when Craig Kilborn announced he was leaving The Late Late Show. I’ve never been a big fan of the man… the smugness always wore on me. He did… Read More

Network News is what Closes on Saturday Night

There’s been talk about the July 28th Nightline, which featured an exchange between Ted Koppel and Jon Stewart that some say outlines the gulf between old and new TV journalism. The description… Read More

Fractured Update

Big Ups to Sacha, Ite?Great (and apparently rare) interview with Ali G alter-ego Sacha Cohen (or rather, vice versa… or not) in the New York Times today. Particularly interesting is the… Read More

He’s Dave Chappelle, Assholes!

Dave Chappelle walks off stage after “fans” relentlessly yell “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” Not only are these people killing Chappelle’s stand-up, they’re… Read More
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