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No. 7… They just don’t make me laugh anymore.

This article informs us that Letterman’s Top Ten list is now nearly 20 years old. Though a list is a perennial format for ha-has, I remember my distinct distaste for it developed when I heard my… Read More

Stewart 1, Carlson 0, The Public -243

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the huzzahs for Jon Stewart’s confrontational appearance on “Crossfire” (transcript, video). People were a little surprised to see a… Read More

Better “Late” Than Never

So I’m busy doing a revamp on the blog, and bam! big comedy news. Oh well, no rest for the wicked. And I don’t get to have any fun either. Leno’s passing along the “Tonight… Read More

Comedian Secrets Revealed!

One of the charms of Da Ali G Show is wondering how the hell they tricked luminaries like Boutros Boutros-Ghali into agreeing to an interview in the first place. If you like to treat your comedians… Read More

Not Only is it Liberal Media, so’s its Audience

In the following transcript of an interview with Jon Stewart to promote America (the Book), Bill O’Reilly describes The Daily Show‘s audiences as stoned slackers, most of whom are… Read More

Emmys: Not So Hideous After All.

I normally can’t stand award shows… self-congratulatory excess is one of Hollywood’s worst traits, but awards for comedy writing went exactly where they should (and needed) to go.… Read More

Armed with a +4 Vorpal Smirk

Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert reinforces the stereotype of comedians as popular, bullying jocks in high school… in an alternate universe! Gamespy reminisces about 30 years of Dungeons… Read More
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