Category: Late Night

Set Perfect Setup for “Daily”

No more couching interviews in the off-target Tonight Show manner. Read More

Colbert: It’s French, Bitch.

Stephen Colbert's on-air persona is perfect for parodying punditry. P-word. Read More

Tenderizing Tough Crowd

Tough Crowd is back... sorta. Read More

Late Night with Joe Garden. Has a Nice Ring to it.

The race to be the heir apparent to the heir apparent for the Tonight Show starts now. Onion writer Joe Garden has started a campaign to take over for Conan O’Brien on Late Night when the… Read More

Jay Leno Gagged, But Not Bound (Dammit!)

Since Jay Leno may end up testifying in the Michael Jackson case, there’s a gag order limiting what he can say about the trial. As has been suggested, Leno is using others to tell his Jacko… Read More

Johnny Carson, 1925-2005

I would state this is such a void in the comedy world, but Carson was so good to his word about retiring that to most of the public and the industry, the void was already there. And that’s… Read More

Tough Crowd Post Mortem

I always admire the futility of Save Our Show campaigns. To me it’s better to be a cult hit than a hit hit, the near cult hits that make up “Save _____” campaigns reflect that… Read More
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