Category: Interview

Interview: Greg Fitzsimmons, Stand-Up Comic

I talk to Greg Fitzsimmons about the ongoing writers' strike, joke stealing, the anticlimax of performance and whether Howard Stern would make a good stand-up. Read More

Interview: David Wain, Director “The Ten”

I talked with Wain about “The Ten” and interconnected sketches, absurdity and the classic comedy “Airplane.” Read More

Interview: Dave Attell, Stand-Up Comic

Just prior to his HBO special “Captain Miserable”, I talk to Dave Attell about how stand-up is presented on TV, performing for all of America and how moms want their sons to be Jerry Seinfeld. Read More

Interview: Mike DiCenzo and Dan Guterman, Head Writers, The Onion’s “Our Dumb World”

I talked with the head writers about how Our Dumb World is a departure for the Onion, the missteps along the way in its creation and why it is not a toilet read. Read More

Interview: Michael Ian Black, Jack of All Trades Comedian

Michael Ian Black talks about his stand-up in contrast to his years as a performer at alternative show “Eating It”, the upcoming movie he scripted entitled Run Fatboy Run and the ubiquity… Read More

Interview: Jim Norton, Stand-Up Comic

I talked with Norton just prior to his new stand-up special Monster Rain about self-loathing, the blank-phobia criticism and the phrase “silly goose.” Read More

Interview: Scott Aukerman and B.J. Porter, Comedy Death Ray

The pair talk about both their recent double CD release and their upcoming pilot The Right Now Show. Also: self indulgence, too long shows and the need to stay silly. Read More