Category: Interview

Interview: David Cross, Stand-Up and Author, “I Drink For a Reason”

I talk to David Cross about the difference between writing a book and stand-up and why his family life is off-limits on stage, at least for now. Read More

Interview: Jim Jefferies, “I Swear to God”

Audio clips from my conversation with the Australian Comic who comes via the U.K. to deliver his first HBO special tomorrow. Read More

Interview: Louis C.K., “Chewed Up”

Louis C.K. talks about his latest special and how each is a different stage of his life and the new stage of his life as a single dad covered in his current tour, Hilarious. Read More

Interview: Bill Burr, “Why Do I Do This?”

The stand-up shares his love for the New York Comedy Club scene, how a stand-up special should be shot and the answer to his special's title. Read More

Interview: Maria Bamford, Stand-Up Comic

I correspond with Maria over email about self-help, Vanity Fair and her Super Deluxe show. Read More

Interview: Tommy Tiernan, “Something Mental”

A short interview with Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan on swearing and blasphemy, plus a preview clip to his upcoming special Something Mental. Read More

Interview: Mike Birbiglia, “What I Should Have Said Was Nothing”

I talk to Mike Birbiglia about the special and storytelling, audience reactions and his one criticism of the special, if he was held to just one. Read More
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