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Audiences: Necessary Evil or Just Evil?

Another thing I wonder while watching Crossballs: was the audience told what they’d be seeing? Do they know the show is a satire? It seems like it can take a while for the audience to laugh…

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Crossballs: Over the Top? Or is “The Top” over? Discuss.

Despite complaints from the left and the right, I have a hard time seeing anyone who appears on the show Crossballs getting all that upset. Mainly because I can’t believe they would still buy…

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Fractured Update

Big Ups to Sacha, Ite?

Great (and apparently rare) interview with Ali G alter-ego Sacha Cohen (or rather, vice versa… or not) in the New York Times today. Particularly interesting is the…

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My Liberal Bias Already Rears Its Filthy, Ugly Head.

The #1 tenet of comedy: If you’re not pissing someone off, you’re not doing your job.
Corollary: Try to aim for Republicans… they’re pretty easy targets.

Apparently, being had on a TV Show…

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