Category: Comedy Writers

Timeline: 60 Plus Years of Stand-Up to Explore

A new feature for which I have big plans. But it's a pretty great reference tool as it is now. Read More

An Excerpt from “And Here’s the Kicker”: George Meyer Interview

A taste from new book which I think is the definitive work to teach someone how to think like a comedy writer. Read More

Upcoming Book: “And Here’s the Kicker”

My good friend Mike Sacks is working on what might be the definitive work on comedy writing and writers, with interviews with folks as diverse as David Sedaris, Bob Odenkirk and Mad Magazine's Al… Read More

Alan Zweibel Works the Censors

A post-Borscht Belt comedy writer shares how they got the first filth of SNL on air. Read More

Bob Odenkirk, His Own Best Critic

Bob Odenkirk isn't afraid to be call a spade a god damn shovel, particular if it's his god damn shovel. Read More

Milt and Marty, A Cautionary Tale for Comedy Writers

A fake memoir has old pros biting the hand of the generation of comedy writers before them. Read More

Letterman has Writers, Leno Doesn’t (Sorta). An obvious difference?

Does Letterman's style and Leno's competition obsession mean it'll be hard to tell a written show from an unwritten one. Read More
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