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Opening Sketch at the Emmys Insensitive?

Could a cut have been made to Conan's opening sketch to be more sensitive to the recent Comair disaster? Read More

Congratulations 2006 Aspen Comedy Festival Winners

Who took the top honors at this year's biggest industry festival? Read More

Jon Stewart Enjoying Oscar

And no, for the last time, he's not nervous. Read More

Rock Wins Third Grammy, Pryor Gets Lifetime Achievement

But Rick Moranis might be the biggest winner, with his surprise nomination. Read More

And the Grammy Might Go To…

Nominees for the Best Comedy Album of the Year are out. Who are they and do we care? Read More

Vote in the ECNY Awards

Nominees are set, vote now. Read More

Does Comedy Lack Social Importance or is Sundance Too Self Important?

On Blogging Sundance, Jason Calacanis wonders if there should not be a separate award at the Sundance Film Festival for Comedy, citing that funny films just can’t compete against films that are… Read More
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