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Most Grand Episode Ever

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Matt Groening has asked Ricky Gervais of “The Office” to not only add a voice to a “Simpsons” episode, but also a script. Gervais is, of course, embarrassed and flattered, commenting: “The Simpsons is the greatest TV show of all time. I can only make it slightly worse.” Can’t wait to see what he does with the show. Of course, we’ll have to, since with animation it’ll probably take until 2006 to make it to air.

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OddTodd -> Hollywood ->

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A short time ago, Todd of announced that the Comedy Central version of his unemployed adventures would not see the light of day. He described himself as “OK” with the whole thing, since the show really wasn’t what he wanted nor what Comedy Central wanted. No hard feelings. So what happened?

OddTodd recently gave a more satirical Flash cartoon account of his development experiences which seems to put the blame on another producer who moved the show into a traditional sitcom style… wacky neighbors, angry landlord and all. The show that came out of the collaboration is stiltedly reenacted with a dumb laugh track inserted so you know where to groan. Todd states he didn’t even like his own show. But still no hard feelings at Hollywood execs, though the translation of “very promising” is rather amusing (“Pack your shit and go”).

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No Pride in Father (Or This Headline)

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Caught Father of the Pride. Nothing really funny about it, sad to say.

Father looks amazing. Dazzling animation doesn’t make for good jokes. The camera and animators often get in the way of the humor. One joke where an overly-cute panda takes a seat on the lead’s lap rather than a chair is shot as a close-up, making it impossible to tell what just happened, killing the gag. Sure the fur effects look fantastic, but if the show was funny, I wouldn’t be noticing how nice everything looked. I’d be laughing.

Much has been made about it being an “adult” show, with references to virgins, bestiality and the like. I could care less if kids get corrupted by the show, because jokes like “It may be 9 o’clock in New York but here it’s Mountain time” aren’t “adult,” they’re immature. Kids already make jokes like these, with only slightly less wit. You can usually determine the trailblazing shows from the followers by what they consider adult humor. Sex jokes are great, but without the social and political satire that other highly sexual shows like South Park, Seinfeld and The Office (among many) also aspire to, you look like a giggling adolescent. (To Father‘s credit there’s one New Yorker reference, reflecting a well-read giggling adolescent.) Sex isn’t everything about being an adult and definitely not the only way to appeal to them.

The animation, the sex jokes and setting are just camoflague for the same old shit: bumbling husband, put-upon wife, cranky father-in-law, rebellious cubs. When you’re working in territory this well-tread, you’re not allowed to make fun of Billy Joel being bland. I can’t imagine Father of the Pride will last long. At it’s core, we’ve already seen it before several times on Nick at Nite. And done better.

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Fill Time with Phil

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L.A. Weekly asks a great question: why doesn’t radio genius Phil Hendrie have a TV show yet? Might just be that his talent for holding conversations with himself that sound like two entirely different people talking is just not a skill that translates the TV. And there are much worse fates, TV isn’t everything. Just ask Dave Chappelle. But damn, an animated show with him and Sarah Silverman? Other Network are you listening? (Not familiar with the genius that is Phil Hendrie? Listen.)

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