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50 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

(480) 719-6100


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Chris Tucker Stand Up Comedy Watch
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default avatar ComedyAddicted says:
Rating: 21321

Was in town visiting from DC and thought would be cool to check this place out. 

The atmosphere and decor of the club was great. They also have an amazing line up of headliners and very good food. But that is the only nice things I have to say about this place.

From the time I arrived everything just seemed poorly managed:
1. they opened the doors late and had people wait crowded on the stairs outside
2. had been there for 20 mins before our waitress came to the table
3. Beware of the 2 drink minimum, I understand a 2 item minimum but when I said I will be ordering a couple of food items I was informed I still had to order 2 drinks on top of the food I was going to have. Give me a break I was the designated driver and only drink water. So I really enjoyed my $5 bottles of water. I have been to a lot of comedy clubs and it is always 2 items not 2 drinks
4. Beware of the 15% gratuity they add on to every bill no matter how many people you have
5. The bill was brought out way late the show had been over for 15 mins before I got my credit card back
6. Being from out of town would have been nice if they put in the email that they will validate your parking so you don’t waste your money parking somewhere else
7. They said there was going to be a drawing at the end of the show that never happened either
8 The list really could go on and on…

I really enjoy going to comedy clubs and go ALL the time and many different clubs. This club has such great potential but the way they try to nickel and dime you almost ruins the comedy experience. If the service and management was better this could be a great place.

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