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Funny Bone - Hartford

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194 Buckland Hills Drive
Suite #1054
Manchester, CT 06042

(860) 432-8600


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Allan Goodwin the Badgerine
Allan Goodwin the Badgerine Watch
MS Comedy Night PSA
MS Comedy Night PSA Watch
Standup Comedy @ the FunnyBone CT with Clinton Prentice
Standup Comedy @ the FunnyBone CT with Clinton Prentice Watch

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default avatar vkuhns0419 says:
Rating: 14321

Worst comedy club I have ever been to. I went with a group of 15, they kicked us out at 30 min saying we weren’t allowed to talk during the show. Funny, cause it says welcome to a world of laughs when you enter; guess they cant handle a good time. Definitely wouldn’t recommend it for a social gathering, but more for an awkward first date so you don’t have to talk.

The food was way over priced, and seemed microwaved and gross. Drinks took 15 minutes to get there and the show wasn’t even half full.

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