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Whimsical recluse gifted with homicidal tendencies and the power to harness them. Staunch supporter of Colin Quinn; proud owner of unopened can o’ whoop ass. Sandler eats ham.

Favorite Comedians


Mitch Hedberg


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I think of him every time I see a vending machine.


Steven Wright


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Steven Wright is one of the things that makes me go hmm… When asked for my favorite quote, one of his always comes to mind.


Richard Pryor


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Richard Pryor taught me that it’s okay to laugh at myself, no matter what I’d done.


George Carlin


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George Carlin changed my life. Sometimes even now I wonder what he would say about certain things and suddenly they don’t seem to bother me anymore.


Sam Kinison


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Nobody could yell it quite like Sam Kinison. He made me laugh until I cried.


Jerry Seinfeld


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What can I say he’s Seinfeld. He can make a joke out of nothing. He makes me laugh out loud and forget that life sorta sucks sometimes. Great comedian.


Colin Quinn


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Loved Colin since the 80s though not convinced he’s the genius some (including me) say he is. There’s always been that one thing missing - I question his confidence and truly believe he puts too much pressure on himself to be someone he isn’t. Nonetheless, I’m a huge fan who really enjoys his act no matter what he’s doing.