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Favorite Comedians


Dom Irrera


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

A consummate comic.  Draws a lot of material from his Italian American heritage and also great at characterisation.  Real funny delivery style, often relying on sarcastic responses to stupid questions people ask.


Doug Stanhope


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

This generation’s answer to Bill Hicks?  Uncompromising and challenging in both material and delivery style - brilliant!


Robert Schimmel


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

I love this guy’s delivery and his material seems to get funnier and funnier.


Bill Hicks


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

A master of his craft.  Brave and uncompromising material and brilliant delivery and stage presence.  He’s sadly missed.


Mitch Hedberg


Delivery: 54321 | Material: 54321

What can I say - just one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen and what a tragedy he isn’t with us any more.  A unique delivery style coupled with some great one liners.