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Eddie Izzard



Todd Barry



Steven Wright



Larry Miller


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His classic bit about the stages of drunkenness, and the story about his ski trip, are so damn funny that I never tire of watching them. But look at the clips this blog posts of his work. Half of them aren’t even his clips, but some band with the same name. Pathetic, and very telling. Well, Larry (the comic) I love you anyway.


Greg Proops


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This man is brilliant. His work is informed by a world view that is sharp, savvy and politically astute. No I am not his mother! If you are over the age of 14, or whatever age guys stop thinking that jokes about testicles are second only to jokes about flatulence (40? 70? death?), do yerself a favor and tune into Greg.


Dana Gould


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Mr. Dana Gould is a close actual friend of mine via Myspace, where I have personally posted my own special message to him (look for the one that says “thanks for the add”), and anyone who says he is not a frickin’ all-time genius will have to contend with me!


Maria Bamford


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“Mama am I pretty?” I love Maria Bamford.