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George Lopez


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Having had many of the experiences George refers to, I get it.  Of course, I am Mexican and it is my humble opinion that you must be Mexican in order to understand the context and manner in which he delivers his material.  If you are not of Mexican descent, or have not been influenced in any way by our culture, then you will NOT get it—- its as simple as that.  While many complain about George speaking about the same thing (eg, his childhood, his relatives, etc),  this was a brilliant avenue of humor. It was an untouched, unspoken platform in which he takes everyday events and examines the obvious humor behind it.  For me, it made me realize that my family was a lot like other Mexican families.  It also occurred to me that the next generation of “Latinos” will be clueless about many of the subjects that George touches upon, and that is sad.  I’ll be see ing George in Fresno on 11/25/11.  Hoping to get good seats!!!!!