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Favorite Comedians


Brian Regan


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I’ve seen Brian Regan live as well as own his DVD. He is the only stand-up that can make my kids, my husband and myself laugh all at the same time. Totally clean routine, which is nearly impossible to find in adult comedy today and he is simply hysterical! A huge part of his comedy is his body language and facial expressions so catch him live or get the DVD. He is more than worth every penny!


Chris Rock



Demetri Martin



Lewis Black



Mitch Hedberg



Eddie Izzard


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I was stunned when I first saw Eddie’s stand-up. His performance possessed a wide range of energy levels which I find much more interesting to watch than comics who have a single personae. Sometimes he wildly spins about the stage, loud and over the top but then, in the next instant he is conversationally chatting, urbane and cool. Both styles are even more funny in contrast to each other.  Another impressive quality of Eddie’s stand-up is how greatly he varies his subject matter. He may follow an examination of Plato or gun control or the 3 Monotheistic religions with a (funny ‘cause it’s true) rant on grocery store line strategy or the impersonal personal computer and then do a single line impersonation of a pirate’s parrot that is so funny you’ll pee yourself! Really, what more can you ask from a comedian?
Oh, how about “Make it different every time, will you?” Because of his intelligence, skill and love of what he does, Eddie basically improvises every show on the spot! So many comics practice the same bit over and over till its perfect but identical every time. With Eddie if you are lucky enough to see him live (and you should do all you can to do just that!) your experience will be a unique one, created just between you and he on that night. And there’s no need to applaud every time he makes you laugh. Your laughter alone is enough for Eddie so that he doesn’t interrupt his flow; more laugh time for you! For these and many more reasons he is my favorite comedian overall. Go buy his DVDs!