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Favorite Comedians


Greg Giraldo



Louis C.K.



Jeff Ross


Delivery: 43211 4
Material: 43211

I give Jeffrey 4&4 because his material is consistently good and he delivers it well.    The funniest thing about Jeff Ross is….. Jeff Ross.    His manner itself is what makes him funny.  Even his weaker jokes are funny because of his manner.  I know that this means I should be giving him 5 on delivery, but he has something more than just good speaking skills and timing.  He’s just funny!  His insults are first rate.  Especially his celebrity/disease pairing.  “Hey, you look like Kenny G… with diabetes.”


Bill Maher


Delivery: 54321 5
Material: 54321

Totally agree with Raphael.  He has the mind and gonads to pick up where Carlin left off and he is doing an admirable job of it.


George Carlin



Dave Attell


Delivery: 54321 5
Material: 54321

Quintessential.  He earns each laugh but makes it look easy.


Patton Oswalt


Delivery: 54321 5
Material: 54321

Master storyteller with courage to mock.  Pop culture references that are must haves for any child of the 80s or 90s.