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Favorite Comedians


Mike Epps



George Carlin



Andy Kaufman



Paul Mooney


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Paul Mooney is the real deal. I’ve seen him in person and he is a well of knowledge and truth.


Dave Chappelle



Lenny Bruce



Sam Kinison


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From Preacher to comedian. Odd but at the end of the day, it worked. He was a great comedian.




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Gallagher was my gate way into comedy. I was five or six when I saw one of his many showtime specials. My dad loved Dice/Kinison and well I became crazy for comedy. I owe this guy a lot, I have a lot of great childhood memories because of him.


Mitch Hedberg


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Mitch was a one of kind comedian and even though people like to compare him to Steven Wright, I like to think he was way funnier then Steven. I truly miss Mitch and it’s a shame he is gone.


Richard Pryor


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What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Rich. He is the truth man! If a guy can get up in front of thousands of people and say he got head from a fagot down the street, that’s one hardcore motherfucker!


Bill Hicks


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Bill was a true comedian. I’ve always said that most good comedians are the philosophers of our time and Bill’s “love of wisdom” has made for some great CD’s/DVD’s that we can cherish forever. A thinking man of comedy. R.I.P.


Redd Foxx


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One of my favorite comedians. This man truly has inspired me to be the funniest I can be and I don’t believe that was his goal in life but he lit a spark in me that I’ll forever be grateful.