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Favorite Comedians


Eugene Mirman


Delivery: 43211 4
Material: 43211

Full disclosure, I haven’t seen too terribly much of Eugene, but the parts I have seen, I’ve enjoyed. He’s not my favorite, favorite, but has some really great moments- plus some where he kind of lost me. Overall, I enjoy him thoroughly, but there are moments where I’m just plain lost.


Demetri Martin



Jim Gaffigan


Delivery: 54321 5
Material: 32121

He is a bit repetitive on the material section (and the delivery section, come to think of it, but I find his whole ‘commentary on his own show’ thing charming, so I am ignoring this fact), but still manages to be funny. His newer special, Mr. Universe, branches out into more topics than food and is a bit of a step up from Beyond the Pale and King Baby- though I do love those two. Very funny and starting to branch out a bit, which is always a good thing. Would recommend.


Eddie Izzard


Delivery: 54321 5
Material: 54321

Very intelligent and has a lot of upbeat energy. His specials do run a smidgeon long and at points feel like you’re being bombarded with information, they are still enjoyable. His material is well thought through and his jokes well delivered on the most part. Has a very unique style, considering a lot of his jokes are historically or culturally themed (some being entirely in foreign languages) they aim towards the intelligent, sometimes making him a bit difficult to connect to. However, he stops himself from slipping into the depths of pretentiousness by being energetic and friendly. Highly suggest, very brilliant comic.


Louis C.K.