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Stand-Up Comedian Zach Galifianakis

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Born: October 1, 1969

Blue Meter: Risqué

Member Ratings

  • Delivery: 43210
  • Material: 43210
  • Overall: 43210

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Won: 2563 | Lost: 1141

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Total Ratings:

Delivery: 43210 | Material: 43210 | Overall:43210


generic Dead Frog avatar giantsfreak830 says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

Absolutely hilarious!

generic Dead Frog avatar Superlove says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

Love him

generic Dead Frog avatar pants009 says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

I don’t toss the word Genius around a lot, but Zach is a genius. Who else in the world would put out a comedy DVD (live at the purple onion) in which the performance could be classified as a bomb? How can you bomb and be fucking brilliant? The answer is: You can’t, but Zach can.

generic Dead Frog avatar shieldsee says:
Delivery: 32121
Material: 43211

Clever, offbeat material that is sometimes undermined by a overly disturbing delivery. Zach can be brilliant, but get in his own way at times.

generic Dead Frog avatar rebus says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

I think it’s interesting that other reviews here have Zach’s material outshining his delivery. Both are stellar, but Zach’s real ability is to just keep working at something with different deliveries.

I’ve never seen a comic willing to fail in front of the audience, even on his own DVD. I think that improvisation and instant real feedback from the audience fuels him.

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