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AKA: Louis Szekely

Born: September 12, 1967

Blue Meter: Dirty

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  • Delivery: 43210
  • Material: 43210
  • Overall: 43210

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Total Ratings:

Delivery: 43210 | Material: 43210 | Overall:43210


generic Dead Frog avatar andrewcrawford says:
Delivery: 43211
Material: 54321

Louis’ writing voice is strong, witty, and dirty. His specials occasionally suffer from a lack of subject and tonal variety but the best jokes are hilarious and overall he’s a good comedian.

generic Dead Frog avatar Java1217 says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

He’s one of the most original comics out there, and in my opinion the best.

generic Dead Frog avatar ReflectiveTrauma says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 43211
generic Dead Frog avatar Danielle says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

Louis C.K. is the heir to George Carlin, in my opinion.  I think he’s absolutely brilliant.  He covers marriage (and now divorce/dating—I was bummed when he got divorced because his material on marriage was hysterical) and kids and everyday stuff with such originality and honesty.  He’s one of the realest comedians I’ve ever seen—and as a woman, I love that you can tell he appreciates women (whereas so many comedians seem to have a festering hatred/fear of women).

generic Dead Frog avatar MissHappyGoLucky says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

Louis C.K. is a comic that’s honest and someone you can relate to because he has a way of talking about things that everyone is thinking but no one would ever say. I love his humility and his ability to deliver in such a way that you forget that you were listening to a guy on stage.

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