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Jwyllie rated: Delivery: 14321 Material: 14321
rugratnat14 rated: Delivery: 54321 Material: 54321
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Friesen says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

Kyle Cease is a smart and funny comedian with good writing. He never misses the opportunity to add another laugh in the middle of his jokes and stays on the topic. While some may complain of his swearing i think it helps the crowd get more comfortable and makes his jokes funnier. You should never pass up the opportunity to see him live or listen to his stand-up uncensored.

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Chase Roper says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

What I have always found most remarkable about Kyle’s stand up is his ability to be fast, loose, and riff with the audience without loosing his train of thought, or slowing down the show. He is very cutting edge and innovative when it comes to writing jokes and stays focused on the moment as to not miss any opportunity for added laughs.

Kyle gives his shows such an intimate/personal feeling that when the hour or so is up (can’t keep track of time when tears of laughter are streaming down your face) it feels as though you had just spent the evening hanging out with buddies. Kyle’s unique style of comedy stems from his honesty, that he’s true his own character, and genuinely likes his fans. You owe it to yourself (if you haven’t already) to catch this man perform live.

Don’t foget to pick up his new one hour special, “Wierder Blacker Dimpler,” Uncensored on DVD Nov 13!

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clever_name44 says:
Delivery: 32121
Material: 21321

While his rapid, high energy style can sometimes be involving, it also grows very irritating after more than a few minutes.  The material is predictable frat boy humor, nothing particularly innovative or groundbreaking.  I find his humor far too inconsistent for him to be a major comedian.

Chase Roper rated: Delivery: 54321 Material: 54321

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