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Stand-Up Comedian Dane Cook

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Born: March 18, 1972

Blue Meter: Risqué

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  • Delivery: 21021
  • Material: 10321
  • Overall: 10321

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Total Ratings:

Delivery: 21021 | Material: 10321 | Overall:10321


generic Dead Frog avatar trfe says:
Delivery: 32121
Material: 21321

Overrated! Overrated!

Dane is average. He is very likable and charismatic but his material is pretty weak most of the time. He has a nice way of painting a picture, and he is animated in his story telling, but it is obvious he is trying to be cool. I would see him in person again for the entertainment value, but i would wait a year or two between shows for him to develop material.

generic Dead Frog avatar Catrel Stevens says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

Unoriginal, with very sloppy writing that typically fails to start a joke narrative, nevermind finish it strong. Delivery includes much phrase repetition with varying enunciations, like he’s constantly trying to create catch-phrases (fancy that). His popularity is due primarily to his devout “myspacing” when he started out. Accusations of joke stealing are the last nail in the coffin.

generic Dead Frog avatar Melanie says:
Delivery: 43211
Material: 32121

The first time I ever heard him I felt like I had a new friend.

generic Dead Frog avatar The Reptilians says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

I just don’t get it. This guy is not funny whatsoever.

generic Dead Frog avatar Big Papi says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

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