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Stand-Up Comedian Carlos Mencia

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AKA: Ned Arnel MencĂ­a

Born: October 22, 1967

Blue Meter: Tame

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  • Delivery: 10321
  • Material: 10321
  • Overall: 10321

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Delivery: 10321 | Material: 10321 | Overall:10321


generic Dead Frog avatar ComedyAddicted says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

I know a lot of people dont like him and says he steals jokes. 

But damn this guys has good delivery and can make people laugh.  I have seen him and several of the comedians that people said he has stolen jokes from and didnt hear any stolen material.  I am basing my review off the live shows I saw.

He is one of my favorites

generic Dead Frog avatar swaggerbrian says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

he deserves nothing cause he steals jokes and makes them worse he would atleast get a rating if he comes up with some of his OWN MATERIAL! WORSE COMIC OF ALL TIME! But inorder to rate him i HAVE do give him a one but he deserves NOTHING!

generic Dead Frog avatar Java1217 says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

Wish I didn’t have to give him the one stars but you can’t give him no stars, he is ........ not good.

generic Dead Frog avatar Frogacuda says:
Delivery: 21321
Material: 14321

Mencia is the quintessential hack. A lot of people misunderstand this term and think it refers to a comic who isn’t good at his job. To be clear, Mencia is very good at what he does. He brings in people and he makes them laugh. In fact I’ve never seen him bomb.

But a hack is the comic who goes for the easy laugh using the same predictable techniques, tired premises, and derivative/stolen material, and that’s Carlos through and through, even by his own admission.

Carlos has been dogged by accusations of theft for many, many years, and I find it fascinating that his defense is always just to say something to the effect of “that premise was old and done to death by other people already anyway, so it was in the public domain,” making him at best a hack instead of a thief.

Carlos loves making people laugh, but he doesn’t really like writing new material, trying it out, and running the risk of telling a joke that might not work until it’s been refined. Whether or not that’s a problem depends on how much you expect from a comic.

cachinnator rated: Delivery: 43211 Material: 43211
generic Dead Frog avatar veganmaster says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321


generic Dead Frog avatar Chet Nice says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321


generic Dead Frog avatar MattyB says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

Not funny, period. Another mainstream comedian who is overrated that the populous likes. (I’m looking at you Dane Cook.) There are just better comedians out there who deserve the limelight more than these plagiarizers.

generic Dead Frog avatar escfrizby says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

Jokes make you feel dirty. Like i’m supposed to be in on a joke thats not funny and/or blatantly offensive.

generic Dead Frog avatar daquigle says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

He’s awful

generic Dead Frog avatar The Reptilians says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

To salsakid34:

People come down on him because he’s a shitty comic. He can’t even write his own material.

Big Papi rated: Delivery: 14321 Material: 14321
gigglechick rated: Delivery: 14321 Material: 14321
generic Dead Frog avatar salsakid34 says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

carlos rocks! why is it everytime someone hits it big there’s a jealous jerk waiting to bring him down.

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