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AKA: William Maher, Jr.

Born: January 20, 1956

Blue Meter: Risqué

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  • Overall: 32121

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Won: 1933 | Lost: 1732

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Total Ratings:

Delivery: 32121 | Material: 32121 | Overall:32121


generic Dead Frog avatar garymatt says:
Delivery: 14321
Material: 14321

This guy couldn’t carry Carlin’s jock. Maher’s material is made for an ultra liberal audience and he doesn’t have the ability to crossover. Carlin on the other hand had the same belief and political views, but still appealed to a wide audience.

generic Dead Frog avatar Blue Jay Scott says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

Totally agree with Raphael.  He has the mind and gonads to pick up where Carlin left off and he is doing an admirable job of it.

ReflectiveTrauma rated: Delivery: 14321 Material: 14321
generic Dead Frog avatar Rafael Mordente says:
Delivery: 54321
Material: 54321

Another case of someone that could’ve been born with no inclination towards performing comedy; but would still make it as a commentator because of his sharp tongue, bullshit detector and fearless wit. Absolutely brilliant.

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