Sabrina Matthews

Stand-Up Comedian Sabrina Matthews

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The Ian Harvie Show - Sabrina Matthews
The Ian Harvie Show - Sabrina Matthews Watch
Outlaugh!--Sabrina Matthews
Outlaugh!--Sabrina Matthews Watch
Last Comic Standing - Sabrina Matthews (Kitty Kevorkian)
Last Comic Standing - Sabrina Matthews (Kitty Kevorkian) Watch



2005 Now What Was I Saying?

Specials (and other video)

2007 Laughing Matters... More!
2006 Outlaugh!
2003 Coming Out Party
2001 Comedy Central Presents Sabrina Matthews
1997 Premium Blend (Season 1)

Features multiple comedians

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Gay comics have actually gotten popular. Which I think is great. Somebody called be up from Tulsa, Oklahoma and they said “We’re putting a comedy show together and we called you because we need a strong...


Sabrina Matthews is an openly lesbian comic who relates the absurd in everyday life in a witty anecdotal style. “Sabrina’s brand of comedy is infectious,” says, and she “regularly draws out big laughs from both gay and straight audiences.”

Sabrina appears regularly at clubs, colleges, cruises, and festivals around the world. Her credits include her own hilarious half-hour comedy special, “Comedy Central Presents Sabrina Matthews”, a starring role in 2006’s hit documentary, Laughing Matters…More!, an appearance on Comics Unleashed and as a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. After her television acting debut in “America’s Most Wanted” (yes, really), she has moved on to appear with Laura Kightlinger in IFC’s The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, and in Margaret Cho’s 2007 film release, Bam Bam and Celeste.

She began her comedy career in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now, having survived a decade amidst the doughnut shops and dude-speak of Los Angeles, Sabrina now resides on the east coast, where she spends her days scuba diving, teaching her dog not to eat furniture, engaging in her favorite game (Point and Laugh), and generally doing anything else to avoid rifling through the heap of papers teetering on her desk in search of tiny, hastily scribbled comedy notes. All in comfortable shoes.