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Comedy and award shows never seem to work together. Award shows, by nature, are full of themselves, even when being “irreverent.” The American Comedy Awards has been dead for nearly three years now and Comedy Central’s attempt to supplant them with the first annual “Commies” has fallen faster than the actual Commies did.

The web is picking up the slack, online (and soon to be print) stand-up comedy zine Two Drink Minimum has just named it’s “Goddammies,” which is like a Christmas list for comedy geeks (including the Seinfeld DVDs and the Lenny Bruce CD Box Set). The focus on stand-up sees rewards for new faces (Last Comic Standing’s Jessica Kirson), comebacks (LCS’s Kathleen Madigan), dirtiest (nearly-LCS’s Jim Norton) and, perplexingly, hottest (Dane Cook and Sarah Silverman, who are too good looking to need LCS).

Though Two Drink’s selection are already completed, is still taking nominations for their year end awards on its boards. The CringeHumor crowd loves darker comics, considering them to have more integrity. So don’t expect to be suggesting the most attractive comic. And best of all, you can indulge your angry impulses and share the “awful comedian of the year” and the “worst moment in 2004.” To give you an idea of how different the two sites are: Jessica Kirson has several nominations for “awful comedian.” If you’re just as opinionated, you can make nominations here.

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