The Wrong Way to Sell (Neil) Hamburger?

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All comedy is comedy, right? So we can put some aggressively cheerful girl out on the street and have her interview Neil Hamburger fans waiting in line to see his show and it’ll be web gold! Warning: This is car wreck viewing.

Of course, this might be genius. After all, uncomfortable moments like these are very much the definition of funny unfunny. But I’m probably being too charitable.

By a mile.

I can’t leave you with that above. So here’s the Courtney Love / Cranberry Sauce routine loved by so many of those fans above. But with Hamburger drawing it for an inordinately painfully funny long, long period of time.

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Posted by RODGER DODGER! (or, Anita Hamburger) on 04/04  at  02:39 AM

This is awful, simply awful. I have nothing more to say.

Posted by Keith Whitener on 04/04  at  01:50 PM

I think this is intentionally bad. She asks, “How did you meet?” And the guy says, “Beirut, 93,” and her response is, “Yawn…moving along.” Funny!

Posted by Chico on 04/04  at  02:52 PM

This is perfect, simply perfect. A black hole of discomfort. Look on Neil’s fans, ye Mighty, and despair.

I find it easier and easier to believe that Neil Hamburger is merely a philosopher ahead of his time. Like Yoko, or Van Gogh, minus the whole ear thing.

Posted by branwell on 04/06  at  06:35 PM

Given that this was posted by the Lakeshore Theater themselves, I would imagine it was intentional.

Todd Jackson
Posted by Todd Jackson on 04/06  at  07:25 PM

Yeah, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s not intentional.

“keith” - If she had responded that way, that would kind of be a tell. But it was actually like a quick dash away with a “Awesome. Thanks you guys.” No sense of boredom at all, more of a sense of I need to get away from a dead moment.

“branwell” - that’s probably the best sign entirely - the viral film company that works with Lakeshore posted it. And the Lakeshore Theater knows comedy and does great shows. So maybe… I might ask around.

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