The Micky-Ficky Complete “State” DVD Out Now

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Long-awaited by some, including myself, The State finally made it to DVD just yesteday. I can finally throw away the only previous home-video release of The State, the videocassette of “Skits and Stickers”

I haven’t had a chance to pour through the DVD yet, as I just got it. But the sheer amount of material available, including some never before sketches with commentary that hopefully detail a bit of why they were cut, are pretty much all we’ve been asking for for as long as I can remember. If I took this look to do it right, I’m glad they took their time.

Here’s one of my favorite sketches, the State performing a broadcast-television-friendly version of the non-existent play “Tenement.” I think I’ve worn out this particular part of the tape on the aforementioned video cassette:

Oh, the commitment to the raw humanity of William McGuire’s work. If you love this sketch too, MTV has a very nice viral marketing widget that you can use to share it or 26 other sketches (including Porcupine Racetrack) on the Facespace or your Mybook.

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